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Cirque du Soleil

We went to the Saturday matinee in Saint John, New Brunswick. WOW. What an experience. I loved it a lot, and now I want to travel around and see all their lives shows -- as if I could. Being involved with theatre now, I was also noticing things like the spot handlers, who climbed up to their perches about half an hour before the show began, pulled up their ladders, and became part of the ceiling. I watched how they got set bits on and off, the way they incorporated safety into the act so it just looked like part of the act, how the "mime" encouraged audience members to participate, all sorts of things. It really enhances the show for me.

Today (Labour Day) has been a day of labour -- laundry, vacuuming, computer work, and more in the way of housework. I tried to rearrange the living room, but it didn't work out, so I had to put everything back.
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I'm so excited! We're off to see Cirque du Soleil's "Saltimbanco" this Saturday afternoon. I've wanted to see one of their shows for years, and this is the first time one has gotten close enough to home. This will be my birthday present, early, since tickets are pricey -- but worth it.
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I really loved this movie.  I'd read the book and enjoyed Charles Vess' illustrations and was quite keen to see how the adaptation would go.  For a wonder the changes didn't bother me (the big fight at the witches' house, complete  fabrication but a lot of fun) and I'm so glad they included the chorus of ghostly princes, because I didn't see how they could get left out, but some reviewers didn't think they were good for much.  If anyone hasn't seen it, I strongly recommend it.
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Empty Nest (temporary)

Brion and Jelena left this afternoon for Croatia.  Leaves the house pretty empty, just me, Paul and one cat.  Brion comes home Sept 25th and starts school soon after.
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More Travelling

Tuesday we drove to Boston.  We went through the border at Houlton, which really wasn't bad.  Jelena had to get a special card stapled into her  passport even though she had a visa.  But it didn't take very long.  Wednesday we put Brion and Jelena on a bus to New York City, then spent the rest of the day at the New England Aquarium, with a break for the Deep Sea 3D Imax movie.  We capped the day off  with a  magnificent sunset cruise.  Thursday we drove home, with a brief stop in Kittery, where we did a minimal amount of shopping.
Saturday evening we went back to Houlton to pick the kids up from a full day bus ride from New York.  They had a great time, and said everyone was friendly and helpful and it was big but not as scary as they had expected.  Getting back through the border also went very smoothly, easing some of my concerns about cross border travel.  I've been very concerned about it, all in all, as both US and Canadian border agencies have a lot of power, and there are always those who will abuse that power for their own amusement...fortunately, we didn't run into any of them.
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Last Friday/Saturday was a quick trip to Prince Edward Island, where we walked around Charlottetown, visited the Green Gables house, walked through the Haunted Wood, played mini-golf, did a bit of  shopping and got home Saturday before  bedtime.  Whew!

Today we drive to Boston.  The kids are going on to NYC, but Paul and I will spend a day at the New England Aquarium, and drive back on Thursday.  Then the kids get to take a LONG busride, from NYC to Houlton, ME, where we will pick them up.  That's less than two hours from here, so not too bad.
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Hopewell Rocks

We had a great trip to the Hopewell Rocks today.   Low tide was at 10:56am, a perfect time for getting there (2 1/2 hours) without leaving insanely early, and high tide was at 4:52pm, also perfect for being able to be there and get home before dark. It wasn't too hot or too cold.  In addition,  it only rained when we were in the car.  How's THAT for timing?
We walked on the beach/ocean floor with what felt like hundreds of people, including many children and a number of dogs.  Jelena really liked it.  Brion discovered the joy of super macro photography, and  took some amazing pictures of  barnacles and other Very Small Things.  Paul was doing likewise, which I found amusing since we were in a place of such large amazements. (We also got photos of those, of course).  We spent about 1 1/2 hours exploring, then drove into Alma for  lunch.  We chose a place that had adequate food, but with a very pleasant but very slow waitress.  Slow in that she printed out the whole order very carefully, and we had to wait until she'd written one person's on her pad before we could give her the next one.  In some ways she seemed completely stunned -- but very pleasant.  Brion started comparing the town to a Stephen King or even a Lovecraft setting -- not because of the waitress, but the general ambience of the restaurant and the main street.
Then we headed back to Hopewell Rocks for high tide, just to see for ourselves that the water really does come in  and fill up that much.  After a brief shopping stop in Moncton for Old Nave (B & J) and CostCo (P & I), we headed home and gotin almost  exactly 12 hours after we left.
All in all, a great day.
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The big arrival

Our son's girlfriend arrived last night from Croatia.  She's delightful.  Petite, brunette, with an interest in the world far broader than Brion's.  She wants to be a journalist, and reads three newspapers a day at home.  I asked her what she wants to see here and she said "everything interesting".  I asked whether she meant Brion's idea of interesting or mine, and she said it had better be mine.   So she knows Brion's limitations and loves him anyway.  Her English is excellent, so it's easy to talk with her, and she seems to be comfortable talking to me, so that's good.
She'll be here for just under 4 weeks, then goes back to Croatia.  Brion is going with her, he's been invited to her cousin's wedding.
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Harry Potter book 7 (no spoilers)

Finished the book last night, Brion finished it the night before.  Felt I had to rush so as to avoid spoilers, which I did successfully.  Have enjoyed reading all the commentary in allisona journal, now that I've finished.

I really liked it, although, like many, I have quibbles with bits and pieces.  In a few weeks I think I'll read the whole series from the beginning, to get the full effect of all the developments.
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Paul took this picture of our elderly cat (she's 20, which is to say, older than our son) and it shows her personality so clearly, that....well, see for yourself.  I  call her a crotchety old lady, but I  say that with great love.