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I miss all my friends that don't live in Fredericton.  All my travel money goes to seeing family, and while I LIKE visiting family, I really miss my friends. Merlyn, this means you especially.  I watched a strange, lovely video and burst into tears at all the parts of my life that seem to be all in the past, have no present or future (filk, cons, RenFaires, Dickens Fair, etc).
I like my life, really I do,  and I'm busy and doing lots of music, but really, I want the rest back.
Had cataract surgery three weeks ago.  Amazing procedure, went really well, but I have to wait three more weeks until I can get new glasses.  Driving me nuts, because the astigmatism is completely different, so if I look through just the operated-on eye (& glasses), every straight line is wavy.  So I'm counting down the days.
Here's one of those personal questions: how many of you (women, that is) still get periods at over 50??  I'll be 57 in less than 4 months, and while they've changed, and sometimes are long, most are still every 30 days +/-.  Isn't enough enough?  Can I stop now? Please?
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