July 7th, 2008

new glasses


Well, for the very first time in my life, we bought a new car.  A 2009 Matrix with Touring Package, to be specific.  In a lovely colour called Sundance, which is a warm gold. 
Can't believe we did it, but enjoying it.  It has manual transmission and better gas mileage than the Focus.  The main reasons were the gas mileage and the fact we trust the Matrix to last 10 years or so, whereas I doubt the Focus could last that long, or that many miles..  We just picked it up last Friday after work.
So we're selling the Focus, ASAP, and still keeping the Corolla - a '96 automatic,  355,000 km and counting.  Hoping it lasts another few years, until Brion is out and on his own and we can get by with one car again.
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