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Happy New Year!

It's the last 45 minutes before the end of the year in Atlantic Canada. "New Year's" has been and gone in Newfoundland. I always loved being in St. John's, being the first to bring in the new year in Canada.
This year is ending very quietly, snow fall all day and I didn't even step out the door once. Tomorrow will be my last day of calm before re-entering the whirlwind on Wednesday. I've really enjoyed this peaceful time, I got caught up on sleep for the first time in I don't know how long, and got a couple of long standing projects finished. Didn't get Christmas cards out, but, oh well, I'll do better next year, right?
I'm not making any specific resolutions this year, partly because it's so cliche, and partly because I have great difficulty keeping them. So I'm just planning to live better and more in tune with the world around me (suitable vague!) and see how it goes.
Best wishes to everyone who reads this, have a great year.

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