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New cat

We got a new kitty today! Well, we picked her out (SPCA) Saturday, and she had yet to be spayed, so they did that yesterday and we brought her home today. She's 2 years old (though how they know that I'm not sure), smallish, delicate, very mellow, longhair, grey+white+hints of yellow. Partly we got her to be a companion for Kahvi, although I realize it may take them awhile to get comfortable together. She seems to have an affinity with computers --her first hiding place was between the computer desk and the wall, nestled in a tangle of wires.
I haven't mentioned a name because the one they gave her ("China") doesn't set right for me, so I'm waiting to see if something pops into mind as suitable. Paul's teasing me about that and Brion doesn't have any ideas, so it may be a bit. We'll see.

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