Kaththea (kaththeamac) wrote,

Energy use/conservation

Yesterday we got a new side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. It uses less energy than the old fridge/freezer AND we're getting rid of the chest freezer that's never been really full. I'm expecting this will make enough of a reduction in energy use to be noticeable in our bills -- unless it's swallowed up by the price increase, of course. Still, they put the usage on as well as the $$, so we should be able to see it there.
We got an estimate today for improving/reinsulating the main attic and the one over the mudroom and kitchen. This person recommended putting in a new vapor barrier (well, the mudroom attic doesn't even have one, the air flow through that space is extreme) and blown in insulation instead of batts, because, he says, mice are happy burrowing in fibreglass, but hate cellulose. Never heard that before.
So by the end of September we should have improved insulation in all attics and the new windows should be in. Yay!

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